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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Beautiful" by Fayzone

“I can’t compare anything to the way you make me feel; you got me hooked, I’m the bait and you’re the reel.” Imagine if your crush (real or fictional) said that to you. Those butterflies in your stomach would never cease. ‘Beautiful’ by Fayzone captures the crazy love bug everyone’s talking about, but it’s no small creature. Heck, it might drive you to do unfathomable things for your special someone. This song expresses the unrequited love and admiration you have for that person.

“It’s the way you touch trust love the most unlovable parts of me; give me that breathtaking, earthshaking, life-making thing called love.” Inner beauty is harder for us to find, but others see it crystal clear! Fayzone makes use of delayed gratification to amplify the grandeur of his lyrics. Orchestral runs accentuate the dramatic sound and emotional outpour of the chorus. The prevalence of guitar and looped drum tracks brilliantly weave classic R&B and contemporary pop together. Fayzone’s emboldening voice, extending from a seductive lower register to a beautiful falsetto, expands a story of passionate, kindled love.

Fayzone is an up-and-coming artist known for his romantic storytelling and smooth, sultry vocals. The Las Vegas native is influenced by a wide scope of stars, from The Temptations and Michael Jackson to The Weeknd and Justin Bieber. Dedicated to his own unique sound, he mixes classic R&B with his own spin on New Age Pop. He writes songs alongside his brother Christopher Feazell to create timeless, honest lyrics. ‘Beautiful’ is just one of several amazing songs on Fayzone’s new album ‘Ocean’ so go explore what else he has to offer!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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