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  • Nicholas Joubert

"Beautiful Music" - Nieri

Simply put, "Beautiful Music" is the ultimate electronic pop track. This track has a entrancing club vibe to it - it reminds one of a club Britney or Madonna track. The story behind the track revolves around Nieri reaching his limits after a long and stressful week as he describes it in the opening lines of the track. Wanting to let go of his stress, he craves going to the club, listen to "Beautiful Music" and just "dance, dance..." and (you guessed it) "dance"! It is such a vibe and let's be honest, we can all relate to this because we have all reached this point in our life one time or another. Music is a therapeutic and healthy release. The Milan raised artist wrote the song to remind himself that music will always be there for him.

Although Nieri is a pop artist, "Beautiful Music" is a electronic pop track which he decorated with his own touch. The repetitive beat, deep bass, progression and (of course) an epic drop. His smooth vocals adds a "sexy and sticky" vibe, making me recall Madonna's tracks "Sorry" & "Hung Up". What I did notice, however, was that this song does have a reflective tone to it as the lyrics "but what if life is a simulation?" suggests. And it made me think - what if there is more truth behind this that we'd like to admit to ourselves? I like that the track is written on a deeper level, rounding the track off nicely towards the end.

Apart from the music, I'm really impressed by the effort LA based Nieri put into his cover art, the moving artwork on his YouTube channel (otherwise known as a visualizer (which is very hot right now) and his website (this is so important actually). It is clear that he takes himself seriously, and rightfully so. I encourage our readers to engage with Nieri, because he is definitely an artist you need to keep on your radar. (Btw a little birdy told me that there is a EP scheduled to release later this year). Hard work, quality and effort will always be rewarded - congratulations on this banger of a track Nieri! Keep up the great work!

Written By Nicholas Joubert



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