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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

"Daydreamer" - Heidrunna

Imagine you're watching a movie from the 80's. It starts with a young teenager holding books as she's walking home from school. She's in a cheery and bright suburban neighborhood where there's sidewalks, trees and waving neighbors. She's wearing baggy jean shorts, a stripped shirt and white crew socks. She walks with a pep in her step as she says hello to everyone she passes. Each fingernail is painted a different color and her glasses are as big as her face - and there's always a song playing. I imagine that song to be 'Daydreamer' by Heidrunna.

'Daydreamer' gives us that 80's nostalgic feel with it's joyful mixture of synths, as well a funky disco vibe with it's slapping bass. This song just makes you feel happy and makes you wish you were that girl in the 80's movie. Heidrunna has such a lovely and light voice it's almost like being sung to by a bird. I'd highly suggest putting earphones in, sitting the passenger seat of a car with the window down, close your eyes and let the wind blow your hair back while you listen to this magical song.

Heidrunna is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Iceland, who is now residing in South London. She attended Paul McCartney's School of Music in Liverpool where she studied and perfected her songwriting and performing as well as guitar and piano. Her incredible voice is described as 'dreamy, melancholic and sophisticated'. Her debut album 'Melodramatic' is set to release this April 21st.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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