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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Drinking Again" by Jillian Ann

Who said we couldn’t take ourselves out on dates? ‘Drinking Again’ by Jillian Ann is self-care at its finest. It’s about not being afraid to treat yourself to a night at the bar. When you don’t have friends to go out with, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an exhilarating time in your own company! You could even go to Olive Garden on your own just to get their delicious breadsticks (and I would 100% support that decision). Whatever pleasurable activity makes you feel alive, do it whether you’re with people or not!

“Don’t need you to love me, Jack Daniel’s set me free.” There’s something quite compelling between the physical atmosphere described in the verses and the internal thoughts like this one in subsequent lines. Jillian uses this clever separation of ideas to her advantage. Her voice starts off grounded in a deep, resonant tone and turns heavenly sweet when the transition occurs. It’s a great way to compare being in the moment versus being in your mind. Then it all merges into this gorgeous chorus where she turns into a showstopper! Jillian does a fantastic job engaging the listener with masterful wordplay and a party-worthy sound.

Boston native singer-songwriter and performer Jillian Ann is a recent Berklee College of Music graduate. Her music catalog transcends a variety of genres, particularly 70s music. Her musical inspirations include the likes of Carly Simon, Linda Ronstadt, Heart and Led Zeppelin. She’s headlined at popular music venues like Hard Rock Café and the Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub. She's also in a duo with longtime friend Christian Colegrove called Intra Element. ‘Drinking Again’ is the lead single off Jillian’s latest EP ‘I Hope You’re Listening Now’ which is available now wherever you stream music!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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