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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

"Drugs" by Anarbor

We've all been in love with someone that made us feel a sort of "high". But it's not always good. This person we're in love with is literally an addiction, and we don't know how to get sober from them. 'Drugs' by Anarbor explains this feeling of wanting to get away from someone but having trouble bringing yourself to do it because when you're with them, it feels so good. No matter how bad of an influence this person is, you can't seem to get away. You try to, but the longer you're away from them the worse the withdrawal gets.

'Drugs' by Anarbor is probably one of the catchiest songs I've heard so far this year. Their sound is almost classic, but with their own modern twist. The lead singer and bassist, Slade Echeverria, has such an ear-pleasing tone to his voice that makes you want to sing along with him. "I can feel all the sounds that you hear, I can taste all the words that you say when you’re looking at me". How genius are those lyrics? Anarbor had no problem relating to all of us who have experienced this type of relationship.

Anarbor is a band based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Despite some changes of members throughout the years, they've been going strong since 2003. Anarbor has had many amazing opportunities such as touring in several different countries, as well as providing theme songs for quite a few TV shows. With over 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, there's no doubt this band will continue to be successful. Their unique and lively sound is guaranteed to captivate you. 'Drugs' be stuck in your head from the moment you listen to it!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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