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  • Karlee Skipper

EP Review: "Tales of a Taurus" - Rebecca Lappa

Rebecca Lappa beautifully expresses her authentic emotions, from love to loss, in her latest EP, Tales of a Taurus. The six-track project contains personal songs that demonstrate her creative and honest storytelling through vivid lyrics and infectious melodies. Rather than sticking to one sound to define her artistry, Lappa allows her current conditions to guide her artistic flow. Previously classified as an indie-folk artist, the singer is currently inspired by pop and alternative music. Tales of a Taurus was produced by artist and Lillix band member, Louise Burns, and was recorded between The Audio Department in Edmonton and 604 Studios in Vancouver. Through the collaboration with Burns, the addition of live instrumentals by Alex Glafford, Flavio Cirillo, and Max Cunningham, and being mixed by Chris Perry, Lappa was surrounded by a talented team dedicated to bringing her art to life. With each individual track, Tales of a Taurus forms a vivid story about life in Lappa’s eyes.

  1. Your One

  2. Blue Lips

  3. Forecast

  4. Lolita

  5. Witch's Way

  6. Brick by Brick

Rebecca Lappa has been in love with music from a young age. The San Franscisco born, Canadian raised singer-songwriter has been singing since childhood and wrote her first song at age nine. She is a multi-instrumentalist skilled on the piano, the guitar, the banjo, and “a bit of ukulele.” She was winning awards at age twelve and began playing shows by age thirteen. It was not until her parents took her to see Taylor Swift on tour with Brad Paisley that she decided a career in music and performing is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Prior to signing with Tonic/Fontana Records and releasing Tales of a Taurus as her debut with the label, Lappa was an independent artist. She had three full length albums and two EPs already under her belt before joining the team. Her hard-work and dedication as an indie artist garnered her a number of awards and nominations, catching the attention of music industry tastemakers and her new home label. With Tales of a Taurus, the genre-bending singer is bound to gain even more dedicated fans.

Lappa kicks off the EP with the highly energetic track and third single from the project, “Your One.” The song consists of a whimsical production that blends the sounds of modern pop, indie-folk, and the retro 80s style to create a genre that is completely her own. The song explores a relationship where Lappa is “all-in” while her partner is hesitant. It is not that the feelings are not reciprocated, but that they are worried about falling only to get hurt. Lappa reassures them that she only has eyes for them and that she wants to be their one and only. The song is a lighthearted and optimistic track that hypes the audience up for the EP and introduces them to Lappa’s new sound.

Following “Your One” is the EP’s infectious lead single, “Blue Lips.” The song immediately catches the listener’s attention with the brief bass notes that switch to a catchy guitar riff. Lappa’s voice perfectly matches the jazzy vibe throughout the song as she guides the listener through the melancholic storyline. The song tells the story of a “friends with benefits” situation that Lappa’s friend experienced. While her friend was hoping for something more, the other person could not care less about them. Lappa uses ice cold imagery to represent the coldhearted carelessness of the other person. The lyrics are brilliantly written to paint this dark story and transport the listener into the headspace of the broken-hearted protagonist. The combination of the gloomy lyrics and the catchy bassline makes “Blue Lips” my personal favorite song from the EP.

“Forecast” takes a break from the energetic production by switching to a soothing melody with indie-folk elements. The song’s clever metaphor about the weather is a unique take on a doomed relationship. Lappa sings about never knowing what to expect from her partner and the relationship. She knows that in the end, they will not make it through the storm. The second verse holds my favorite lines: “Sun stalker, alley walker// Demons around every corner// Clear to me, you can’t be// Something sturdy, something stable.” With just these four lines, Lappa stuns the listener with these poetic lines that perfectly sum up her despondent message.

The EP’s second single, “Lolita,” brings back the lively atmosphere of the EP with an alternative rock guitar riff to kickstart the track. The song is inspired by the 1955 novel of the same name, written by Vladimir Nabokov. Lappa details the forbidden relationship between a young girl and an older man that is found in the book. The sinister storyline and the disturbing dynamic provide a darker tone than the rest of the project. The instrumentation reflects this atmosphere with the muted guitars and the anxiety of the kick drum. Between both the grim lyrics and the dark production, “Lolita” is the most cleverly crafted track on the EP.

“Witch’s Way” beautifully nods to Lappa’s previous indie-folk sound while maintaining her current pop influence. The song immediately stands out from the rest of the project with the ethereal fingerstyle guitar riff and Lappa’s angelic voice. With the witchy imagery and the detailed storytelling, the singer effortlessly transports the listener into the haunting tales of Salem, Massachusetts. In just over three minutes, she conveys this dark and gloomy narrative as if it were a full-length novel, making her vivid songwriting one that cannot be replicated.

Lappa closes out the well-rounded EP with the light and airy track, “Brick by Brick.” The sweet track is about tearing down walls in relationships and building trust. Backed by a modern country sound, Lappa’s heavenly vocals guide the listener through the sentimental lyrics. Regardless of if the song is about a romantic or platonic relationship, anyone who listens to the track can resonate with the meaningful lyrics. Lappa has the innate ability to craft songs that are entirely relatable to her listeners while maintaining her authenticity. “Brick by Brick” is the most profound track on the project, making it the perfect note to end on. It leaves the listeners with something to think about once the EP ends, pondering their own walls and questioning if they are ready to tear them down.

After listening to Tales of a Taurus, if you were not already a fan, you are guaranteed to be one now. Lappa moves the listener with her candid lyrics and her unforgettable melodies, making the EP one to remember. She knows how to captivate her audience and keep them wanting more. Her vocal harmonies and unique instrumentation bring out her individualistic sound and unmistakable talent. Each song has a completely different sound, from rock to 80s pop to country, making this EP one of the most versatile projects I have ever heard. It is made to be played on repeat and blasted on late-night car rides with best friends. Tales of a Taurus is a phenomenal addition to Lappa’s discography and the perfect way to reintroduce her as a signed artist.

Written By Karlee Skipper


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