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  • Brielle Pattillo

“fmk” - GAYLE x blackbear

“Fmk” by GAYLE x blackbear is a gritty pop hit. This song gives you an electric feeling that will make you want to yell the chorus from the top of your lungs. “Fmk” pulls you in with its unapologetic tone that describes the feelings of love to a point of madness, a song that takes you along into a moment of intense feelings of a stirring relationship. GAYLE's unfiltered vurnablility throughout this song, give a sense of comoft and releif. Almost as though this song is a PSA about uncharted feelings within a relationship. In all the best ways, “fmk” will be stuck in your head for weeks to come.

Intimate acoustic guitar chords start off the track and continue into a sentiment of emotions. Soon after, an abrupt change of pace welcomes the chorus with head nodding production and witty lyricism. The clever play on words that allude to the childhood game, “kiss, marry, kill” is what I think makes GAYLE and blackbear the pinnacle of rising pop. As the song comes to an end, the bridge greets you with beautifully airy and cosmic vocals. It goes without saying that the bridge is one of my personal highlights of this track. "Fmk" is only one of the six tracks on GAYLE's second album "a study of the humuan experience, volume two."

GAYLE is an American singer that has gained great notoriety on Tik Tok. Her song “ABCDEFU” charted worldwide reaching a larger audience. She started writing music as young as twelve years old, collaborating with her friends and family to make songs. Featured in this track, we have blackbear. Also known as Mathew Musto, blackbear approaches his style of music with inspirations from alternative hip hop and pop scenes. He has released six studio albums gaining over 20 million listeners on many platforms.

Written By Brielle Pattillo




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