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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Girl with a Gun" by SHNO

Love should go both ways, but when their promises of forever end up empty, you have every right to become a lightning bolt of rage. ‘Girl with a Gun’ by SHNO is the power-producing track that’ll give you the ammo to retaliate! You don’t have to take the BS they come up with. Instead, you can hold them accountable when their actions don’t match their words. Or if you’re fully committed to each other, don’t let them push your buttons. You’ve got influence in the relationship too. Don’t let them take it!

“Don’t promise me nothing at all; watch your back cuz I’m a girl with a gun.” It’s like murder mystery meets forbidden romance because if you cross the line, you’ll never see the light of day again. This self-validating narrative is honest about love, yet also unafraid to pull the trigger. It’s this energy in the song that’s self-empowering and incredibly persuasive. SHNO’s dark, vivid vocals amplify the ravishing villain arc that the song takes us through. An electronic blare at the end of phrases provides a surprise EDM accent piece to the valiant pop melody!

The recording artist from London has a clear knack for indie pop music. SHNO released her first song ‘Forever’ all the way back in 2010. In 2021, 'Girl with a Gun’ became the 2nd single off the artist’s new EP. She has performed worldwide in venues such as Bitter End Club, Wall Street and the World Trade Center. If you like artists who can demonstrate versatility both within and outside of their genre, you’ll LOVE SHNO!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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