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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Glitter" by Daisy the Great

Feeling lost in the moment? Let’s face it. Growing up, especially in the times we live in, isn't easy. One day, you’re floating high like Mary Poppins and the next, the world comes crashing down. ‘Glitter’ by Daisy the Great echoes the complex emotions associated with personal battles and trying to make sense of life transitions. “Yell out loud at an old bowl of cereal, I’ll clean up if anyone’ll come”. They depict an existential crisis in such a brilliant and innovative way. It’s almost haunting.

From the very beginning, you’re transported to another world with a psychedelic, dreamy intro. Then the lyrics rush in with a vengeance. “I neglected my plants to prove I would, should’ve let the sun in, would've done us good; I’m just rotten to the core, such a bore, such a wannabe”. *Spoiler Warning!* The verses WILL call you out. Every single element, from the grounding power of drums and bass guitar to the placement of soft chimes, is layered like a perfectly made tiramisu. Soft-spoken, yet melancholy harmonies transform into back-and-forth intrusive thoughts in the bridge, making for an addictive melody. The sheer catchiness of it all should be illegal but it's irresistible!

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Kelley Nicole Dugan and Mina Walker are both skillful songwriters with stunning vocal abilities. They originally met at NYU as fellow acting students. After working on a final project for a comedy class together, they started writing a musical. Upon sharing song ideas with each other, the ladies realized their potential as a duo and reworked their songs to that dynamic! Today, they’re known for creating music that infuses Folk and Indie Rock elements into modern themes. They often reflect on salient personal experiences in their lives. With more than a million monthly listeners, Daisy the Great represents what an Indie Pop duo is truly capable of!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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