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  • Megan Cao

"How are you not freaking out?" - Greta Issac

“How are you not freaking out?” begins tenderly before suddenly delving into wild and fuller production. Issac sings intimately about reaching a fork in the road and being forced to make decisions in your life. It’s about how most people don’t really know what they’re doing, and “How are you not freaking out?” The world is so large, and you are so small, and all these decisions have the ability to impact your life in irreversible ways, “How are you not freaking out?”

The drums pulsate underneath the melody while the guitar riffs start out almost melancholically before lifting to a more grandiose tone, adding drums, synths, and more elements to widen the soundscape. Co-written with Orla Garland, the song’s lyrics are startlingly poetic and broad, allowing the audience to fill in their own fears and worries for interpretation. This song is a release of catharsis, a release of frustration and tension built up in your life. This release helps you center on what’s important, yourself and your wants and needs.

Born into a deeply artistic family, Greta Issac learned to appreciate music and the fine arts at a young age. As a musician, she’s interested in exploring vulnerability and the explosion of emotions, to look at how music can highlight and enhance these hidden emotions so others won’t have to feel so alone. “How are you not freaking out” is only one song of many to come where Issac will explore the depths of human emotions with carefully crafted lyrics and powerful soundscapes.

Written By Megan Cao



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