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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Grace Like Fire" - Cydney McQuillan-Grace

Your new single “Grace Like Fire” is so fresh and exactly what music needs right now! What was the story behind this song?

Cydney: Wow! Thank you so much!The song is about the cyclical nature of life; how one burns things down to create space for something new.This lesson was most obvious for me during the pandemic.It was such a tumultuous time for everyone, and in my case it was a massive catalyst of change.I left a job, moved from my home, left a relationship, and had to figure out how to quarantine without losing my mind haha. But I knew I needed to cut out the things that weren't working for me in order to create space for something that would.

I know a big reason you got into music was because you’d sing in the car with your parents growing up, so I must know…what is your guilty pleasure song to belt when you’re in the car now?

Cydney: Oh jeez- it’s a bit of an oldie now but River by Bishop Briggs!That chorus hits hard!

Do you have a favorite memory from studying Voice at Berklee College of Music?

Cydney: Definitely! My favorite class was a Motown ensemble with Lawrence Watson!What a fantastic teacher- so filled with musicianship and joy!It was a 9am class and he’d be clapping and dancing around- his class woke me up better than my morning coffee!He definitely taught how to perform and embody a song.

I love the music video for your new single! The use of the paint and effects are incredible and so visually impressive! What was the inspiration behind it?

Cydney: Thank you! Brian Michael Suggs directed, shot, and edited the video and we had so much fun making it! There are a lot of visual references in the song lyrically and we definitely played with that i.e. the use of fire and incorporating light bright references.The whole concept of the song is a phoenix rising from the ashes so we went with a stripped down almost naked look and juxtaposed that with a blacked out room and glow in the dark paint.We really tried to play with visual opposites in this one.Fun fact half of the video was shot in Brian’s bathtub!

Tell us a bit about your company, The MoveShop!

Cydney: Oh wow! You guys really did your research!Unfortunately, TheMoveShop disbanded a few years ago but it was a dance theater company that I was lucky enough to be a founding company member of.The group started in college and it was a theatrical experience that told stories through the use of dance, theater, and live music.It was one of my favorite things that I’ve ever been a part of and it’s still my favorite way to tell a story.

What can we expect next from you? We can’t wait to see where this journey takes you!

Cydney: I’m happy to say that I have a bunch of music waiting to be released this year!I’m excited to share more sides of myself & my sound in my next few releases!I really think it will surprise listeners.Also, Brian and I are currently dreaming up the next video!So stay tuned!

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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