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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "I Hate You" - Nothing but a Nightmare

I can’t get enough of your new single “I Hate You”!! What is the story behind this new track?

NBN: Basically, "I Hate You" is a build-up of frustration with a lot of different people in our lives that we had to just let out. The unique thing about it is, we are not guys that like to start conflicts and are peaceful people, so we wanted to show that juxtaposition with the lyrics by making the sonic experience of the song very happy. So it's like a happy and angry song, all at once.

How did you guys come up with “Nothing but a Nightmare” as your band name?!

NBN: So our singer/guitarist, Eddie's, dad was on the phone with a cellular company, complaining about the service, and so the story goes he said to the person on the phone, "this service has been, 'Nothing but a Nightmare'" and the rest was history.

Huge congrats on the release of your new album “The Salvation”!! Can you take us through the journey of making this album and how it came to be?

NBN: It was just the best. Having everybody together working on this with a common theme in mind was very nice. We knew we wanted to do pop/punk, and we knew we had a lot of anger and frustration to get off our chests, and this is definitely our best work to this point and we believe it can make people feel something and maybe put some issues they have to bed by listening.

If you could be featured in a festival with any two other artists, who would y’all pick?

NBN: Panic! at the Disco and Greta Van Fleet, final answer.

What would you guys say has been the proudest moment of your careers so far? And what is at the top of your bucket list to accomplish as a band?

NBN: Definitely opening for Andy Grammer in 2019, that was the coolest. Just being able to play a show with someone who has been there, and done that was just the best. Also, Andy is just the nicest guy so having his words of encouragement was really unique and awesome for us.

Do you guys have anything you want to say to your awesome fan base?! I see on your socials how supportive they are and it’s so cool!!!

NBN: We have an awesome fanbase and support system. They support us at every show and listen to the songs all the time, it makes what we do worth it. All we can say is, thank you!!

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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