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  • Vanessa Siebrass

Interview: "Lover Lover" - Crispin

“Lover Lover” is such a heartfelt song, the emotion in your vocals is tangible. Was there a specific person that inspired these lyrics, or is it meant more to generally capture the feelings behind an experience that is nearly universal?

Crispin: It really is, and it all came from the heart. Lover Lover is about the first ever somewhat serious relationship I ever had. I learnt a lot from it and found the whole experience to be the worst outcome/version of "love," which left me asking where and who is the good one and where have you been?

Congratulations on the premiere of the “Lover Lover” video. How would you describe the experience of making it, and what are some of your favorite moments from it?

Crispin: Thank you very much! It was quite an experience, I have to admit. The favourite part was towards the end of the day, belting out Lover Lover millions of times in Tewkesbury Abbey. With the acoustics + being knackered + overwhelmed from the whole amazing day, it really felt like I put everything I had left into it. As a full-time videographer, I had to make sure it could be the best it possibly could be. So after loads of pre-production, the shoot came, and we all smashed it; and I'm so proud of everyone involved.

I saw on your Insta that you had your first live performance at Tewkesbury. What other events or venues do you hope to play?

Crispin: Yes, I sure did! I absolutely loved it; I couldn't have asked for more. Well, my dream stage is at the Reading Festival. It was the event I went to that confirmed to me I wanted to do this music thing. As disgusting as it is, I still have my 2019 wristband on. It's a constant reminder of where I would like to be and the dream to rip it off on mainstage. The other dream is The O2 Arena as they are one of our video clients, so it would be amazing to be the one actually on the stage. But until then, definitely The Sunflower Lounge, Deadwax, Gloucester Guildhall.

What made you want to learn to play the guitar, and do you play any other instruments?

Crispin: Well, we always had a really bad guitar in the house as my brother learnt a little bit when he was younger; he was awful. It wasn't until I actually picked it up and properly realised how versatile it is and how powerful as a songwriting tool it actually is. I also play the piano, which I've been playing since I was maybe 5/6, I'm definitely no prodigy, but it is my primary instrument. I also played the trumpet for quite a few years in school, but having been a chorister at Gloucester Cathedral for 8 years, my voice was my most trained "instrument."

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations and influences?

Crispin: Well, a huge influence for me was the whole choral side of music which developed a lot. But in terms of who currently inspires me, Bastille, Tom Grennan, Whalestalk, Holly Humberstone. I would say I am a slight mash-up of all these.

What are your future plans for your musical journey?

Crispin: So I am going to continue focusing on single releases, keep the content and hard work coming. I have so many songs I don't even know what the next release is. But I have already planned the first album, which will be heavily inspired by my whole musical journey and life in general. I just want to keep progressing, growing my audience, and playing bigger and better live shows as time goes on.

Interviewed By Vanessa Siebrass



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