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  • Sophia Henry

Interview: "No Surrender" - Miles To One

No Surrender is a song many listeners can relate to with its themes of being under pressure yet pushing yourself during difficult times. What was your thought process when creating this song?

Miles To One: No Surrender was created out of doubt, fear and hope. We wanted people to hear this song and feel empowered to find the strength to keep going. Struggling doesn’t make you weak and it doesn’t make you any less of the person you were when you were at your strongest. You just need to give yourself a little time to breathe and remember that with every breath you take, you’re giving yourself hope.

Your band is from many different regions, including members based in Europe, Asia, and, South America who came together by chance. How did that happen? How do you make the long-distance work?

Miles To One: We found each other online and we communicate with each other on the daily! We want everyone to know that this is what this project means to us. Distance will never be an excuse and we just want to show that this is something big for all of us, we are fully committed to our dream.

With each band member having their own role in creating music, how do you incorporate your different cultures to make new dynamics in your songs?

Miles To One: We honestly don't think the differences in our culture ever played a role on how we've made our music so far and we also don't see it affecting the future of our music. All of us have become good friends! Being long distance, we always communicate. We found each other based off our love for the same taste in music and similar goals. In terms of the difference of what we bring to the table individually, we incorporate our own personal touch to each and every song that built our music. Everything that we've done so far has worked well together. Even when we're far away and we grew up differently, we're like puzzle pieces that just naturally fit each other.

You have four singles out on Spotify so far! If you were to fly out and record a music video together, which song would you make it for and why?

Miles To One: Out of the 4 that's out right now, it would probably be "Downfall". At the same time, we are also planning something even bigger, which we will release soon and it will be something worth waiting for! As much as we want to share more details, we have to hold back a little.

In your lyric “I’m finding my way tonight / With all my Demons right behind me,” I feel that the term “Demon’s right behind me” can be interpreted in different ways such as demons can be considered your friend or your enemy. What does this meaning of Demons mean to you?

Miles To One: It’s more of not letting your inner demons control you anymore and leaving behind everything that’s been weighing you down. It's an act of rebellion you wage against yourself for your own good. It’s about all your demons trying to catch up with you but as long as you keep moving forward, they will never get under your skin again. So instead of letting your inner demons control you, conquer them! Dance through the fire until you realize it doesn't burn you anymore.

What goals do you have in the future as a group? Do you plan on ever relocating closer to each other?

Miles To One: Yes we have nice surprises to come so remember to please stay tuned and follow us on all our social media accounts for more news…..

Interviewed By Sophia E. Henry



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