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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Ordinary" by Hyerin

Q: What a better way to celebrate your birthday than to release a new single! What inspired you to write “Ordinary”?

Artist: Honestly, a guy. I’m a romantic at heart, but after countless disappointments, I’ve realised, that’s not always a good thing. The dating scene of today is very brutal; people’s attention span is so short, and it just doesn’t mix well with online dating - which is really what most people have had to rely on due to the pandemic. In short, I was talking to this guy who lived in another city for several months, and we made plans to meet up several times, only for him to cancel on me last minute or ghost me - then come crawling back and apologize. Looking back on it, I’m not proud of letting him back in - I don’t even understand why. This all happened in the beginning of the pandemic, so thinking about this guy was really all-consuming, and I wouldn’t stop bitching about it to my friends. So one friend told me I should write a song about it, and I did. It’s meant to be a diss track! I remember someone once told me the worst thing you can say to someone is that they’re boring. But I think maybe ordinary is worse? I just hope he doesn’t feel special now that I wrote a song about him..

Q: What does your songwriting process look like?

Artist: It’s different every time! With this song in particular, I had been writing down random lines and ideas for a few months, before I sat down to actually try and write something. It’s almost a four chord song, and honestly it’s very basic! Just like the guy!

So, I played it on my midi keyboard, put the chords on repeat, and tried to find some catchy melodies on top of that. Also, this song, like many of my other songs have an ascending opening, By now, it’s almost become my trademark. I saw this documentary many years ago, where they talked about how ascending or descending musical themes make great melodic impact. Not really groundbreaking stuff, but somehow I find myself using it over and over again. That’s my best songwriting hack.

Q: How did your love for music start?

Artist: It’s so cliché, but my mom says I sang before I talked. I do believe her though, because I was such an absent-minded and annoying kid. I was not a troublemaker, but I remember I was sent to the principal’s office for whistling during class repeatedly in elementary school. I hadn’t even noticed I was doing it. So yeah, I don’t remember. I just know I’ve always been making noise.

Q: Besides one of your own, what is your favorite song to sing?

Artist: Yesterday Once More by the Carpenters is such a warm and fuzzy song. If I’m at the karaoke bar, I’ll finish with that after some ABBA and Michael Jackson.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

Artist: I’m quite new to the game, and I haven’t played any gigs yet, so I don’t really have an answer for that. But as a songwriter, it’s definitely getting feedback from listeners, and being acknowledged by peers!

Q: What can we expect next from you? We're excited to see where this journey takes you :)

Artist: More music! I’m working on something right now, and I’m very excited about it! I’m starting to feel like I’ve come close to defining my sound. My upcoming music is more personal and revealing lyric-wise, so that will be an interesting experience to perform!

Written By Sarah Curry



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