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  • Vanessa Siebrass

Interview: "The One Who's Crying" - Brianna Scully

I love the dissonance between the upbeat music and the serious nature of the lyrics in "The One Who's Crying." Do you mind sharing what, or who is the inspiration behind it?

Brianna: Thank you! My co-writer/producer Brandon Lew and I really wanted to write something with that level of contradiction, highlighting the inner conflict you go through during a breakup. We had a lot of fun making it and finding that groove. At its core, “The One Who’s Crying” is about the difficulty of getting over someone you really cared for, even though they disappointed you. I’m essentially calling myself out for my inability to move on and acknowledging all the semi-toxic habits that I have picked up in order to cope with heartbreak.

Your Insta has some pics of you playing both the piano and the guitar. How long have you been playing these instruments, and which do you prefer?

Brianna: I’ve been playing the piano since middle school, but it never came easily to me. I often cried before my recitals until finally, my teacher offered to have me sing while she played instead. Somehow, that was way less nerve-wracking. Who knows why? Guitar is much newer to me, but I definitely prefer it. I’ve been playing for a little over a year and a half now and I just love it. Currently, my favorite thing to play is Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever.” I play it all the time and my neighbors probably hate me for it.

What first got you into music, and when did you know you wanted to be an artist?

Brianna: Growing up, I was surrounded by music. My dad had a huge book of CDs in his car filled with every rock album you could think of (Green Day, U2, Nirvana, Queen, etc). We would blast through each of them every time he drove me to school. My mom played the piano and would accompany me as I sang from James Taylor and Billy Joel to the entire score of Wicked. Needless to say, I had a lot of inspiration to draw from. I would write songs and poems a lot as a kid but never really shared them. During the pandemic, I moved back in with my parents and just found myself spending hours at the piano writing songs just to release some sense of how confused and isolated I felt. I started to send my friends voice memos of things I had written, and they encouraged me to actively pursue putting my music out there. The rest is history. I’m truly thrilled to be receiving such incredible feedback as I embark on this new adventure. It’s literally surreal to think that a year ago, I was sitting at a piano thinking “hmm this might be cool to take a bit more seriously.” Now I have two fully-produced songs out (and more on the way…). It all feels pretty surreal. I’m so excited to see where this takes me.

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of music?

Brianna: I’m an actor, so I am currently pursuing a tv/film career in LA. On my days off, I love throwing my bike into the back of my car and driving to Hermosa Beach where I ride along The Strand. I grew up in a small town by the beach so it makes me feel at home. I also love hiking, reading whatever the current best-selling thriller novel is (nothing has topped Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl), and playing Nancy Drew computer games. Don’t knock them until you’ve tried them. They’re incredibly addictive.

I see that you took a trip to Thailand. Have you considered drawing inspiration from or infusing cultural elements from your travels into your music?

Brianna: Ah yes! Thailand was my last trip before the pandemic hit. It was super special. I haven’t really thought about that. Maybe one day. If anything, the experience of travel would probably draw inspiration about being completely present. We live in a world where we constantly look forward to the next thing and don’t often take a second to acknowledge and be grateful for where we are. I feel the most present in my life when I am traveling. I feel very lucky to have had the ability to see the world so early on in my life. It has definitely helped me gain a ton of perspective.

If you could open a show for any artist, who would you choose, and why?

Brianna: God that’s so hard. I love so many artists. I would have to say Lizzy McAlpine. She has been a huge inspiration for a lot of my music recently. Her lyrics are so honest and palpable. I also just find her extremely relatable as a person. She seems genuinely excited and grateful for her success and that’s a wonderful thing to look up to.

Interviewed By Vanessa Siebrass



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