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  • Kendall Koval

Interview: "Today" - Harbour Loft

Q: This song has such a chill vibe to it! What is the story behind it?

Harbour Loft: Today is the second song we ever made together, you will never hear the first… Our lounge studio overlooked Cornish docks, giving life to all of our music on our aptly named Loungepop EP, featuring Today.

Q: What does the songwriting process look like for you?

Harbour Loft: We traverse the Cornish landscape, congregating within Noah and Sammy’s living room. We look through some tunes that inspire us and from there Duncan will usually lay down some chords whilst Noah begins to produce the track, Sam building upon this with bass. Once the body of the song is created, Niamh and Tom begin to write lyrics and melodies to fill in the gaps.

Our two vocalists bounce off each other; blending Niamh’s personal story telling with Tom’s theatrical imagery to create an interesting mix of their two writing styles.

Q: How did you all meet and decide to form a group together?

Harbour Loft: Friends first. Music after. Noah had the vision for a musical collective since starting uni but hadn’t quite met the right people yet. In our second year, as we all grew closer, we decided to start Harbour Loft in March of 2022. We had all been involved in music prior to meeting each other and we were quickly able to blend our musical skills.

Q: How did you decide what to include in the visualizer for ‘Today’?

Harbour Loft: We had a bunch of B-Roll from one of our vlogs and realised it fit the tone of Today very well, just a normal day of us messing around and hanging out.

Q: You describe your sound as ‘Loungepop’. What exactly would you define that as?

Harbour Loft: Initially the name started off as a joke between us but bears truth in the fact that we recorded all of the tracks on our EP in Noah and Sam’s lounge. However it also is reflective of the music genre, our sound can be described as not DIY enough to be bedroom pop but not mainstream enough to be considered commercial pop. So we're in the lounge. Loungepop.

Q: Where do you think your music journey will go next?

Harbour Loft: We are releasing our debut EP ‘Loungepop’ this September with similar sounding tracks to Today and are excited for people to finally hear it. Our sound is constantly developing as we currently work on our sophomore EP which will release later this year. We are attempting to push the boat out further musically, experimenting with new genres and production styles. However for the moment we are heavily focused on promoting our EP, eagerly awaiting its release. We hope you like it.

Interviewed By Kendall Koval


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