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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Why It's So" - Me.Kai

You’ve really knocked it out of the park with your new single “Why It’s So”! I have been listening to it on repeat since its release! Can you share the story and inspiration behind this new track?

Me.Kai: That makes me so happy that you love it so much! Finishing this song was super cathartic for me, this is the last of the songs that I wrote about my ex and a really unhealthy COVID relationship that I had fallen into. I actually wrote it in two halves, the first half “the verse and hook” came about right after the breakup. I was in a lot of pain and those verses are really just me mulling over all of the negative moments in our journey that had brought us to where we were at that point and asking why did it have to be this way? “Why is it so?” I think we have all been through moments in our life we we stop and think to ourselves “how did we get here?” And I think this song in the general sense really translates the feeling of those moments of frustration or sometimes agony… A few months later, I had kind of forgotten about the song. I was moving on with my life and was so much happier and healthier on my own... but even so, I kept finding myself hoping that he was doing OK in the back of my mind. Thats when that little melody popped into my head and the "ALWAYS ON MY MIND” chorus was born! We all find ourselves thinking about loved ones that we have lost regardless of the circumstance, whether it be through death, an ex, or an old friend, even when it is a person we may want to forget.

Did you find the transition from cover artist to a solo artist writing your own music difficult? And do you think starting off with covers has made you a stronger artist and performer?

Me.Kai: A great question! I would say I have always been writing songs since I was a little girl, I’ve just gotten a little better at it as I’ve gotten older. I’m always writing scribbles on pieces of paper, writing poetry in my journal, or recording voice memos on my phone whenever something pops in my head.

I think the hard part about songwriting is that is so personal, I think it takes time to get to a point where you are comfortable sharing that with others! It is scary putting your heart and soul out into the world where you could possibly face rejection! Doing covers of things people already love is a walk in the park I think compared to that. But I would say definitely playing cover gigs has helped me with my stage presence and getting

Comfortable with an audience.

If you could tour with any artist in the world, who would you pick and why?

Me.Kai: Ooo this is a tough one! I really love Remi Wolf. Her voice is insane and I love her playful song writing. She just seems like she would be a good time on the road! I also really love BENEE. I don’t know much about her personally but I absolutely adore her music style and attitude she conveys through her music. It would be really cool to learn from someone I respect so much.

What do you think is the greatest album of all time? Perfect from start to finish, with no skips!

Me.Kai: Hands down Rumours- Fleetwood Mac. I grew up to my mom singing to all those tunes. Stevie is my idol. The sound wave of Dreams tattooed on my upper arm and and her tambourine tattooed on my forearm.

I heard you have an EP in the works and a few collaborations coming up as well!! Are you able to give us any hints on what to expect?! I can't wait to hear them!!

Me.Kai: Yes! I am working on self-producing the rest of my EP, which is all goes well should be about 3 more songs. It is going to be a similar indie electro-pop vibe to everything else. I also have a house track I’m working on with up and coming DJ, a disco/dance track I’m working on with an incredible hip-hop producer, and another collaboration with my good friend and tech-house producer Burko.

What would you say has been the most proud moment of your career so far? And what is your number one goal when it comes to your music career?

Me.Kai: I would say releasing “Why It’s So” as been the highlight so far! Finishing the track brought me a lot of closure on a dark chapter of my life. I think COVID was hard on a lot of musicians, so it just feels good to be doing what I love for a living. Also directing and producing the music video as well Was a first so that was a proud moment for me!

I would have to say my number one goal is to get to a point where I can do music full-time. Right now I am really gigging hard on the weekends and working part time during the week so I can afford to put out music! Unfortunately, it ain’t cheap. But I’ll get there eventually.

Also, Being a Santa Barbara local, it would be incredible to get a chance to open for someone at the SB Bowl someday!

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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