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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Wild Like the Ocean" - Kitson

Q: “Wild Like the Ocean” is such a beautiful song! What is the story behind this track?

Kitson: It’s about me expressing pure feelings and emotion. A love letter that I wrote to myself about a raw emotion that I was experiencing from a relationship. Love is scary, and we all get valuable and fearful of losing something we love. However, if you’re sharing your life with someone is important that the feelings are genuine and authentic. So, this song was my way of expressing what I was feeling.

Q: How has living in Liberia influenced you and your music?

Kitson: Living in Liberia has influenced me and my music in such a soulful and challenging way. My root has always been the source that kept me in touch with passion and influenced my ability to be able to be a songwriter from an authentic place. All my experience from childhood I try to include in all of my stories and songs. Music gives me that ability to articulate it in an inspiring way.

Q: I love the intimate setting of your music video for “Wild Like the Ocean”. What’s one of your favorite memories from filming?

Kitson: My most favorite memory was shooting each scene. It was my first professional music visual so every aspect of it was such an inspiring moment for me. Channeling a part of me on camera was another favorite moment.

Q: Which song are you most proud of from your debut EP “Dare To Dream”?

Kitson: Definitely “Dare to Dream”. It's one my ultimate favorite song. It's one of those songs that really did express my fears and doubts when I first started at age 17 as an artist. I was constantly dealing with doubt and one day I just had this revelation and the words started to pour through. The first song that I created from scratch because I wrote the lyrics before we create an instrumental for it.

Q: If you could perform with any artist in the world, who would you pick and why?

Kitson: Sam Smith, He’s such an incredible artist. I think he’s phenomenal and I am truly inspired by him and his songs. He’s not afraid to express those raw emotional and I like that.

Q: What is your next big goal you hope to achieve when it comes to your music?

Kitson: I am currently working on my next EP, completing it and planning on my first show. It’s the goal for me right now.

Written By Sarah Curry



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