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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Karma" by Cam M.

Villains are often misunderstood in their motives and aspirations. They blame someone else for their problems, but that’s a dangerous assumption. They often don’t realize the damage they inflict until it’s too late. ‘Karma’ by Cam M. speaks on the ramifications of manipulation. Our negative thoughts about others directly reflect how we view ourselves. “Was it better in Wonderland? Who’s the villain now?” It’s a message to consider the consequences of our actions before we start a wildfire. Starting rumors about someone or playing victim will come back to bite us later.

A twisted Disney fairytale is brought into reality with the mysterious intro. “I wash your self-proclaimed validity down the drain...pour acid down their throats.” Cam’s sassy lyricism is delightfully dark and vivid, contributing to a deep-seated villainous energy. Her hypnotic vocals are so mesmerizing that you’re put in an inescapable trance. Deep, distorted harmonies are like shadowy figures in your mind. It’s as if our darker selves are singing along with us, revealing the true villain lurking underneath. Stunning vocal and instrument effects seal the deal on the creepy vibes. It’s hauntingly beautiful.

Camille Merendail (Cam M.) is an indie/dark pop singer-songwriter who brings authenticity to her own thought process. A lifelong singer, she started gigging and songwriting at 13. She opened for the RISE music series at the Isabella Stewart Garner Museum, and she’s even performed as a guest artist at the Tour Music Fest in Rome! She draws influence from artists like Billie Eilish and Melanie Martinez to create dark, compelling melodies. ‘Karma’ is Cam’s first release of 2022. Stay tuned for more of her spectacular music!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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