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  • Megan Cao

"My Love Is Waiting" - Blake Morgan

“My Love Is Waiting” is joyfully defiant, a take on 90s rock in the modern era. Blake Morgan soulfully sings for his love, but not the one you’d expect. His love isn’t just a person, but New York. This song oozes in suave, fresh and slick from the bouncing keyboard melody to the explosion of drums and guitar in the chorus. Through this song, Morgan conveys his love for New York, all the growing and learning he had in his city, an ode to his hometown. While he may leave, New York will always be waiting for him, welcoming him back with open arms.

The song begins almost like a show tune, anticipation-building as the audience is first introduced to the melody. The song pushes and pulls as the drums and guitar explode in, backing Morgan’s belting of the chorus. The piano remains a consistent pulsating throughout, almost like a heartbeat that accompanies Morgan. With twinkling keys, levitating synths, and Morgan’s soulful chorus, “My Love Is Waiting” reminds us all of our origins, the places and people who’ve made us who we are today.

This isn’t Blake Morgan’s first rodeo; since releasing his first album in 1997, he’s signed countless artists under his independent record label Engine Company Records which later became ECR Music Group. Morgan has also historically fought for artists’ rights, spending much of his career in Congress convincing legislators to reform for musicians’ rights, specifically for them to be fairly compensated digitally and on the radio. Now, he’s releasing a new album titled Violent Delights on May 20th, one that seems to be inspired by pop and contemporary rock. A seasoned performer, Morgan clearly has a lot in store for 2022.

Written By Megan Cao



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