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  • Kelli Dixon

"No Words" - Rhodes

Dreams are complicated. On one hand, we don’t want to remember the nightmares we have about being chased by a monster or showing up to work in nothing but your underwear. However, we also have good dreams that we don’t want to forget. These could be dreams about our desires, and love is a common theme here. Moreover, dreams are fleeting and often happen in the literal blink of an eye. In his passionate ballad, “No Words,” Rhodes sings about reconnecting to lost love through his dreams as well as the sadness he feels when he is not able to make his dreams a reality.

First off, I liked the passion in Rhodes’ voice, especially on the chorus. My favorite lyrics were, “you see the light come crashing through the curtains where we used to sleep on all the empty space you used to show me what this could have been.” Even though all the lyrics in the song work together to convey Rhodes’ feelings to the listener, I think this specific line excellently encapsulates his sadness. He thinks his lost love is just within reach and wakes up to the harsh realization that they could not be more far away. I also liked how minimal the instrumentation was. The piano flowed smoothly with the lyrics. The last song I reviewed was Yana’s “Don’t Want Your Love.” It had the same theme of lost love and used very few instruments. With that, I think this similar style in “No Words” really allowed the story and Rhodes emotions to shine through.

Rhodes was raised in Hertfordshire, England and currently lives in London. In 2015, he released his first album, Wishes. It included “Let it All Go,” a duet with fellow English singer, Birdy. This song received over 175 million Spotify streams and jumpstarted Rhodes’ musical career. If you liked “No Words,” you should definitely go give it a listen. The song has the same passion and centers around the rocky road of love. Additionally, the fact that the song has two singers only makes the emotion more powerful!



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