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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"one day before i die" - nobody likes you pat

What are your goals? Your passions? Have you ever wanted to take that next step toward your dream life, but you hesitate at the last second? That one move can change your life. That’s why the message in ‘one day before i die’ by nobody likes you pat is so important. It highlights the advantages of living spontaneously rather than planning out your moves every time. If you asked yourself “what if I had one day before I die?”, wouldn’t you want to travel the world, ask out your crush, or pursue a career that makes you feel fulfilled? You can do it! This song asks you to hop in the driver’s seat and experience life without regrets!

Passionate guitar strums set your internal GPS toward exactly where you want to go: UP! A strong start like this encourages you to start tackling your “list of the maybes and what ifs" NOW! Pat gives you a dose of euphoria with beautifully vivid vocals and energetic beats. AND there’s a phenomenal harmonica part at the end of the first verse! He speaks on the all too relatable preoccupation with the immediate concerns of life. But then he considers the time he has left as precious grains of sand in an hourglass. That’s a great point! Why wait to make memories that will last a lifetime? I recommend rolling your windows down and blasting this as you race down the highway!

Pat Kiloran goes by the hilariously clever artist name “nobody likes you pat.” The Minneapolis singer-songwriter and producer is a master collaborator who’s worked with all sorts of industry pros and entertainment companies (including Disney and Netflix). His crystal-clear indie pop sound will draw out the best in you. He’s currently rolling out music and visual episodes for his upcoming EP ‘spinning’. With ‘one day before i die’ being the lead single, it'll surely win you over!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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