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  • Nicholas Joubert

"Ooh La La" - GT_Ofice x Britt Lari

Imagine this...You're in a night club and the DJ plays the ultimate summer EDM track. You can't get enough of the vibe. Dying of heat and craving a thirst quenching drink (anything cool that will contribute to your buzz). Sweaty strangers grinding together adds to the vibe of this summer evening party. You just can't get yourself to leave the dance floor because the FOMO is real. This is the imagine that races through my mind when I listen to this epic EDM collaboration between GT_Ofice, Britt Lari & Carneyval. This track sports the ultimate club vibe, but is also very suitable for your gym playlist. The fast beat, deep base and catchy chorus will make you go in overdrive, whether it be on the dance floor or in the weight section.

"Ooh La La" has a cheerful, deep bass beat (as every great EDM track does). The decent progression adds to the suspense, it builds and then the drop cues your best dance moves (btw remind me why there is not a TikTok dance challenge to this song yet?). Considering the lyrics sung by vocalist Britt Lari, it reminds one of that friend in college who always partied at frat houses or sororities, never slept, nor attended any classes. The friend who always drags you along and who you will make memories with. Some people call it irresponsible, I call it legendary, just like this song. My advice? Blast this song through a proper set of headphones to appreciate this work of art.

In conclusion, playing this track is a must at every party. It comes as no surprise that Miami-based producer GT_Office has performed at major NYC, Las Vegas and (of course) Miami nightclubs. Britt Lari has also been featured on various Spotify editorial playlists, hit music radio stations and is signed to Warner, Sony, NCS and Spinnin'. Although "Ooh La La" released in 2021, I cannot see why this entrancing track shouldn't be played this upcoming summer. This superstar collaboration will supercharge your mood, giving you the ultimate chills.

Written By Nicholas Joubert


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