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  • Troy J Sica

Review: "143" - Seiichi

If you needed a new song to listen to at 3 AM, while you reminisce over past or current relationships, "143," by Seiichi should definitely be added to that playlist. Seiichi tugs at the strings of the listeners' heart with his beautiful guitar acoustic, along with his well balanced melodies and vocals.

Seiichi's new song, "143," is well balanced with a calm and rich guitar, accompanying his beautiful voice and lyrics. The phrase "143" is used as cheesy abbreviation for "I Love You," giving the listener the idea, that this song is about some sort of love interest towards a significant other, a family member, or maybe a friend. The soft and slow verse-work displays a somber tone, capturing all the past memories that was shared with that love interest but when the listener reaches the chorus it provides a contrast where Seiichi speeds up the tempo and sings more emotionally towards that special person.

Seiichi is a multi-faceted Japanese-American, singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer hailing from Seattle. Beginning his music career in just 2020, Seiichi became well known and respected for his poignant lyricism and soundscapes. Seiichi has performed at many of Seattle's top venues and is slated to perform at the city's premier music festival, Capital Hill Block Party, in Summer 2022, so be sure to follow his socials down below to keep updated on his journey!

Written By Troy Sica



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