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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "17" - Hello Sister

“17” records the feeling of unwelcome nostalgia when recognizing repeating patterns in one’s life, particularly in relationships.  Most people begin their first serious relationships around this age, the ones where cheating is more hurtful than it is intriguing gossip.  Where emotions feel genuine enough to have a hold over your life.  But, 17 is also for heartbreak and growth.  It’s the end at the beginning.  To be hung up on and recognize these same emotions again and again becomes tiring.  Teenage heartbreak should remain just that, teenage.  Hello Sister is remarkably skilled at expressing the pain that comes when it isn’t, enunciating repetition without making any of the instances feel muted- just as it feels in life.

The song begins with an increasingly intense electric beat, and a solo voice over it.  The vocalist is earnest and though tension builds in her voice, the intro remains casual.  The second the beat drop comes though, her incredible talent is revealed.  As if this scream had been held back, she belts this astounding note that instantly clues the listener in to the creativity and originality this piece presents.  Though the vocals can be classified as simply indie or pop, the instrumentals differ throughout the song.  At its chorus, the percussion and guitar almost give an impression of rock- something that allows “17” another aspect of originality, that is, in tone.  The song flows like a poem, storytelling with heights of intensity, and it’s a prime example of Hello Sister’s utter genius.

Hello Sister is, as the name implies, a band made up of three sisters.  Grace, Scarlett, and Gabriella grew up in Orlando, Florida to a family of musicians.  Not only is this creative gene found in the siblings; but also in their father, Tim.  Tim is a former musician himself, known for his pop and R&B songwriting.  Needless to say, the girls grew up around music and were expressing their love for it early on, practicing in the living room and taking classes at The Music Box as children.  As teenagers, the three combined the independent skills harnessed over the years into the dynamic trio seen today.  Grace plays bass and keyboard, Scarlett the drums, and Gabriella is their guitarist.  The group were born to be in a rock band, and that’s their goal: to create modern songs for a modern audience without neglecting the roots of pop; so far, they are achieving it by all measures.   

Written By Hailey Schap


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