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  • Liam Dun

Review: "23" - More In Luv

More in Luv is still very early in their career, but they seem to have already perfectly discovered their niche. The band from Liverpool has hit on a sound that feels both recent and retro, reminiscent of the pop rock scene of the late 2000s and early 2010s. Their music feels familiar, but refreshing, teeming with nostalgic melodies and catchy lyrics. The group’s latest release “23” epitomizes their sound. The mid-level tempo rides the line between upbeat and laid-back, perfectly suiting the approachable, danceable energy of the track. The chugging bass and guitar have an infectious liveliness that can get anybody dancing. The melody is an earworm, paired with screamable lyrics that almost force you to sing along.

“23” begins with a captivating guitar riff, immediately grabbing focus before unfolding into the first verse. The song is heavily influenced by rock, with a standard instrumentation including drums, bass, and guitar, and the addition of a floating synth pattern that rounds out the high frequencies of the lineup. When the song crashes into the chorus, with a long buildup that drags the listener along, there is a palpable release of tension. The chorus is a wistful tribute to an unrequited love, someone you always thought could end up with. The song’s emotional theme contrasts against its upbeat feel, almost celebratorily sending us into a new stage of our lives. Letting go of someone we can’t have, and moving on for the better.

More in Luv began releasing music during the UKs covid lockdowns, and in the past two years have been consistently building their resume, making up for time lost during the pandemic. In addition to the release of five singles and their debut EP “Local Celebrities,” the quartet have spent the past two yeas playing shows and festivals across England.

Written By Liam Dun



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