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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "24/7" - LULLANAS

LULLANAS’ newest single “24/7” is a soft, indie-folk dedication to all the people who've stood by your side through thick and thin, good and bad, the ups and downs– your ride or dies, no matter where either of you are in life, or on the planet. Having good friends is such a special thing; to know someone will be there for you is not something that should ever be understated. “24/7” is a thank-you song to all those people, but also an apology for not always reciprocating. Sometimes, our bodies and minds don’t act in ways that we wish them to, but that’s the good thing about the people who stay by your side: they’ll understand, and they know you mean the best.

“24/7” is a breath of fresh air; hearing a song both appreciate the good of friends and acknowledge our occasional irresponsible, thankless sides is a sign of true vulnerability. Through feather-soft guitar strings and piano, the vocals of LULLANAS shine through as a beautiful focal point of the song’s soundscape. Twins Atisha and Nishita who form the LULLANAS duo harmonize perfectly. The lightness of their vocals matches the lyrics’ vibe in such a comforting way; in spite of the song’s somber tone, LULLANAS threads reassurance and relatability throughout the track. Each time they sing, “Sorry I’m not peachy / 24/7, 24/7, wish I could be, 24/7, 24/7,” you can be reminded of the people who have been there for you in times of need, and perhaps of not always being able to do the same. The sentiment is there, though. As LULLANAS sings, “You see a blank face, but you promise I’m okay”; you’ll be okay, but you’re also okay in that you can’t always reciprocate. We all show our love in different ways.

LULLANAS is formed by twins Atisha and Nishita Lulla, which was first manifested at an early age through the musical tastes of their parents. From their father’s love for The Beatles and The Eagles, and their mother’s enjoyment of Johnny Cash, their fondness was firmly cemented in the importance that their music held during family road trips. Their 2016 debut single “Don’t Say” has amassed over 3.9 million streams to date; other singles such as “Pennsylvania Skies” and “Highway Honey” have garnered similar success, each reaching 2 and 1.2 million streams respectively. Warmed by Americana and folky influences, LULLANAS’ musical style is all about that soft country twang with a splash of fun pop. To date, the twins have performed with Maggie Rose, Neal Carpenter, and Wild Rivers, along with touring with Peter Bradley Adams. “24/7” is LULLANAS’ newest single and is the perfect song to enjoy with a good, good friend.

Written By Alexa Leung



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