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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "About Us" - Maggie Andrew

Maggie Andrew About Us Cover Art.

This song, “About Us” by Maggie Andrew, is an indie pop song about the dark side of a relationship. A lot of music focuses on the lighter aspects of a relationship, falling in love and being in love. And even the sadder stuff tends to be about heartbreak or losing someone. But this song takes that brave leap of talking about a pervasive issue for so many people throughout the world: a relationship where the person who’s supposed to love you ends up hurting you. With lyrics like “never knew why you called me a princess, ‘till you punched me in my mouth” and “your fist through the wall, throw my shit out on the lawn,” Maggie Andrew gets your attention by stating the problem so clearly in a way few people are brave enough to do. And the chorus gets to the point so poignantly with the lyrics “manipulating me to believe that it was trust, keeping secrets is fun, and that’s why I couldn’t tell anyone about us.” This song tells the story of a destructive and painful relationship where everything is twisted until the victim feels like they can’t even talk about what happened. But just know: if this story strikes a chord with you, or if you know someone going through something like this, you’re not alone and you deserve so much better. 

“About Us” is a heavy hitting alternative pop song that balances a lighter melody with consistent percussion and sharp lyricism. Starting right off the bat with the underlying beat, you’re drawn into the rhythm from the very beginning. The melody builds up slowly through the verse before breaking in the chorus, varying the energy levels in a way that keeps the listener engaged and interested in the story Maggie Andrew is telling. More shallow moments in the instrumentation lend the attention to the poignant lyrics before deepening to bring the tension to a peak toward the end. Overall, the catchy melody and the engaging rhythms will have you turning back to this song time and time again.

Maggie Andrew is a talented singer-songwriter from Nova Scotia who is ready to take the music world by storm. Fusing together her own unique combination of indie rock, simmering R&B, melodic rap, and more irreverent punk, she has established her own sound that has gathered her an impressive amount of fans still early in her career. She’s worked with popular producers such as Blackbear, Ash Riser, Doc McKinney, and YetiBeats, who’ve worked with artists like Doja Cat, Kendrick Lamar, SZA, and Drake. She released her first single in 2019, “Sleep 4Ever,” and this month released her debut EP DAY JOB. Use the links below to explore more of her music and follow along for new releases!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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