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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Afterglow" - King Kismet

“Afterglow” is an out-of-this world projection of what to do when you’re done pursuing your dreams. Of course, there’ll be an afterglow of finally achieving what you’ve been seeking for so long, but once this afterglow fades, oftentimes you’re left wondering what the heck you’re going to do now. King Kismet urges us to take this feeling of afterglow in, but let it strengthen our next goals. To constantly look and seek for the next thing, let our walls down, and reflect on the self and what we want.

King Kismet uses interesting synths and other gritty parts of production to create the space-like atmosphere of the song. Blending together contemporary pop and EDM, Kismet navigates the narrative expertly with production that screams both poise and charm. The delivery and range from Australian vocalist Seb Mont is outstanding as he embodies the thought-provoking songwriting from Seany B.

King Kismet, or producer and DJ Garett Pierre Rogers, is based in Phoenix and focused on producing and blending a variety of genres such as pop, future bass, dubstep, and house. Kismet’s roots for EDM developed growing up in Michigan, attending underground dubstep and house shows in Lansing and Detroit. After seeing ODESZA live in 2018, Rogers decided to develop King Kismet, who embodies the idea that we are capable of creating our own reality. We are in control of our own destiny. King Kismet has released a smattering of singles and really only has more to offer.

Written By Megan Cao


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