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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Alarms" - ROE

In a track that harnesses the fragility of being honest, we’re given “Alarms” by ROE. It’s a track that instantly drags your attention and warms you up with a vulnerable light with its meaning and sound. A sonic production headed with an acoustic guitar and some piano, giving a quality melody for her striking vocals. It’s a track that speaks for itself, the lyrics imbuing themselves in your mind as they bring up the moments of desperation that live within our past. ROE keeps this track in “That’s When The Panic Sets In” and uses it to round out the thoughts and emotions she wanted to outline with her album.

With this newest single, “Alarms” we are greeted with a dreamy melody built with an impactful feeling and her strong vocals. She sings with an open heart, bearing her soul for her listeners within this track. ROE sings, “That’s when the panic starts to settle in/And I’ll do my best/But I’m so full of empty promises”. It’s describing the anxiety that settles in our chests, wanting to achieve everything we put ourselves to doing but not having the best track record of doing so. It’s a heart-wrenching song that people can relate to—one that fits so well as the finishing track of her album.

“Alarms” is the last single of ROE’s debut album, “That’s When The Panic Sets In” released on the 23rd of September. This album is a documentary of ROE’s inner thoughts, feelings, and insecurities, recently showing a vulnerable side of her that helped her realize how capable and talented she is. For this album, ROE will perform a couple of times in late September and will go on a full UK tour in the Spring of 2023. With her devastatingly sincere and relatable meanings and sound, ROE stands to be a singer/songwriter to aims to pour her heart into her words to gain an audience who relates.

Written by Jane Katryn



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