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  • Megan Cao

Review: "All In" - Talk in Code

Talk in Code All In Cover Art

"All In," by Swindon’s purveyors of indie pop Talk in Code, is set to electrify the airwaves with its upcoming release on June 14th via Regent Street Records. This latest track is a culmination of their signature blend of eighties new wave electronica and nineties indie pop, delivering what can be described as the epitome of their sonic identity. "Fortified with glistening soundscapes and a pulsating rhythm that is truly the heartbeat of the track, "All In" establishes Talk in Code not just as connoisseurs of the hook-laden anthem, but as architects of a sound that is both defiantly radiant and unabashedly exuberant. It’s a song that stands as a modern-day classic—balancing contemporary pulsations with a nostalgic homage to the memorable pop sounds of titans like A-Ha and Spandau Ballet.

At its core, "All In" is an anthem brimming with hope and the optimism of giving love another chance. The buoyant track, crafted with the masterful touch of producer Sam Winfield at Studio 91, features a rousing hook and a racing chorus imbued with an upbeat euphoria that could rival Sam Fender's electrifying energy. The lyrical journey is one of reflection and rebirth, as it navigates past adversities and maturity's promise of love renewed. A danceable riff and buoyant rhythms lend the track an infectious energy, making it all but impossible to resist the impulse to take to the dance floor with an unrestrained zeal reminiscent of "Mr. Brightside." Frontman Chris Stevens is right to say that their music is recognized for its thumping, spirited anthems, and "All In" is a testament to that reputation—encapsulating their knack for creating music that compels listeners to move and feel with boundless positivity.

Talk in Code is steadily becoming a mainstay in the British music scene, with the unerring support of networks like BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio, coupled with editorial streaming playlist placements on platforms like Apple Music, Soundcloud, and FLO. Their dynamic live presence is slated to grace numerous festivals and venues this summer, ensuring that "All In" will resonate beyond studio walls and ripple across the crowds of Minety Music Festival, Home Farm Fest, and beyond. This track is not only a nod to past influences but a marker of their ascendancy to pop greatness—a shining star in the constellation of today's Indie Pop soundscape.

Written By Megan Cao


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