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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "All These Angels" - Ferester

Ferester All These Angels Cover Art

“All These Angels” is created by them, a haven of peace and romance presented softly.  The song offers a glimpse into a relationship.  That one on one isolation that never feels lonely, but rather presents being alone as companionship.  The biggest theme of the lyrics is this abandonment of the rest of the world, even heaven, because they already have it.  Every low of life disappears with the sun as it sets and they take in a moment together.  “All These Angels” is truly about one, and the heaven he’s brought to with her.  When there seems to be nothing, the song is a reminder that there is someone to share the seeming misery with, and therefore there isn’t misery at all.

The tone of the son fits its title, the instrumental being light, airy, and well, angelic.  The guitar is distant and high, sounding like a memory.  The storytelling and imagery of the lyricism ties this in even more so, echoes of the vocals making every statement have a dreamy after effect.  The setting of the song is beautifully developed and acts as a method for displaying roles in the relationship, for instance, “taking the wheel” on a road trip.  The chorus feels incredibly grounding, certainly more fast-paced than the rest of the song but in a way which connects the listener and allows for emotion rather than distraction from it.  The unchanging voice, calm and low presents another form of reliability and peace that fully develops the themes of the piece.

Ferester is a project and character developed by singer/songwriter Spencer O’Grady.  Just as “All These Angels” presents a step away and a sense of peace, so does Ferester as a whole.  The projection is largely reflective of O’Grady’s home, Aberdeenshire.  The Scottish land here is breathtaking and full of the natural beauty which comes through in Ferester’s work.  He transports this imagery in the same dynamic way that he presents his genre of music.  Combining the natural and traditional with the modern and accessible, i.e. landscapes into sound and folk fused with pop.  Follow him below and stream the rest of his newly released EP.

Written By Hailey Schap



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