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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "All You Gotta Know" - Midnight Village

Midnight Village brings in the summer vibes right away with their new track "All You Gotta Know." The synth filled track is a message to a past lover, letting them know that "I'm better without you." It's feels almost freeing in a way, letting someone go that held you back and knowing that it was for the best. It's all about removing the toxicity from your life, and taking back control of it. The track feels breezy, kind of like a warm summer day which the visual for the song below showcases.

The track is a synth-lead track full of light and airy vibes and sounds. It's very reminiscent of early 2000s synth-pop. The lyrics delve into the idea of letting someone go who was never good for you in the first place, "You only call when you need me for something // Thinking we're good, always making assumptions // Don't waste my time // I'm not your guy." Instances where that individual tries to come back into your life, "You miss my company // And you want some love from me // But honestly, there's nothing left for you and me." However, in the end you realize that it was all for the best, "All you gotta know is I'm better without you // Taking my time, yeah I'm doing it right."

Midnight Village is a Los Angeles, California based alt/pop duo. The members include Sean Kolar (singer, songwriter) and Tyler Lyons (instrumentalist, producer). The two have together been releasing music since 2021 and have been headlining venues from locations in L.A. to Nashville. "All You Gotta Know" is the follow up to their single "Catch A Flight," both of which will be featured on their debut EP due out July 1, 2022. Keep these two on your radar!

Written By Kyle Stiver



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