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  • Mia Chavez

Review: "Always Be My Almost" - Emily Fields

Emily Fields Always Be My Almost Cover Art

A song for anyone who has missed their chance, or had someone that slipped through their fingers. A once-in-a-lifetime love that got away. Emily Fields dolefully lyricises the emotions of lost love in her latest single, “Always Be My Almost.” The singer's voice reaches all our hearts with its raw emotion and pensiveness. She laments over a love that leaves one continuously in a loop of memories and someone whose absence is felt in every corner of your world. The grief is felt from the moment her first verse hits our ears: “I feel lonely to my bones / Even home don't feel like home.” Regret and nostalgia envelop the mournful melody, evoking heartache in each line and conveying remorse through her melancholic voice. "We were built on borrowed time / Never made to last.” Wishing earnestly for more time, we can feel her solitude throughout her song.

Lyrically Fields paints a vivid picture, a complete story, one that is so heartbreakingly real it cuts to our very core. She describes the loss in a way that makes us feel like we've experienced it ourselves. Swept together in urgent and gentle piano keys, “Always Be My Almost” is a broken-hearted ballad, built on pop rhythms and reverberations. Her voice sounds hollow from painful memories but moves through the song with heavy sentiments. Time almost becomes tangible as Fields takes a stop at various memories along each verse, catching each piece by piece, as we can hear the emptiness in her voice. “Always Be My Almost” is sinewed together by Field’s deeper and soulful voice, one that denotes strength despite all turmoil and pain. Fields hints at hope for a future where memories become fond rather than painful, as matched pop waves carry the tracks' sorrowed piano keys.

“Always Be My Almost” takes a step back from the upbeat and heavy pop sound Fields has released before, as the track is her most forthright and authentic piece yet. The song pays homage to the popular heart-wrenching Netflix series, One Day, and the relationship between the characters of Dexter and Emma. In her songwriting, Fields pulls from musical inspirations such as Adele, Olivia Dean, and Lewis Capaldi. Growing up, Fields learned to sing by watching TV shows and participating in gospel choirs. Her voice can be compared to artists like Tori Kelly and Ariana Grande. She often performed choir vocals for artists like Stormzy, Rita Ora, and Emeli Sandé. Her debut single, “17,” released in November 2022, quickly rose the iTunes pop chart reaching an impressive 21st spot. With a soulful voice and beautiful storytelling lyrics, Field's “Always Be My Almost,” is a moving scene that captures the essence of both loss and beauty in life.

Written By Mia Chavez


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