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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "April" - Beth Keeping

“April” recounts a time where Beth Keeping experienced the perfect holiday romance. Have you ever had a moment so special, you wish you could stay in it forever? This is exactly what this latest single is about. Living in the moment and experiencing a magical moment even though you know it won’t last. This story is recounted so beautifully and in detail that it makes you feel like you’re living the story right along side Beth. “April” is the perfect song to listen to when you want to reminiscence on a love of your own.

This latest single tells the romantic story of when Beth fell in love in a jungle. This tropical scene is reflected within the beats and instrumentation of “April”. All sounds are meant to mimic nature; the snares act as thunderclaps and the beats are meant to sound like the waves of the ocean. Combined with Beth’s smoothing vocals, “April” gives an organic and authentic telling of a story. My favorite lyrics were, “We flew fast/ Living in a movie montage”. I love the idea of being so in love, that you feel like it’s the perfect movie scene, it’s so sweet.

Beth Keeping is known for being an artist that combines country storytelling and pop sounds to create infectious songs. Her inspiration draws from artists like John Mayer, Lauv, and Gabrielle Aplin. Before she recorded her debut EP in 2018, she wrote for other artists across the UK, USA, and Singapore. The stories she tells through her music are always attention grabbing yet truthful and honest. “April” is the third single from her EP which will be due early June 2022. Keep a look out for more great music from Beth, she’s not one to miss!

Written By Emily Hancock



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