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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Are You Down" - Elia Esparza

Invincible is one of the many ways I'd describe how "Are You Down" by Elia Esparza makes her listeners feel. Imagine being on the dance floor of a club, the bass of this song loud in your ears, and nothing but living life on your mind-- it's a summertime dream coming to life. This powerful singer/songwriter describes an electrifying feeling with her new dance-pop release filled with intense groovy bass, sultry vocals, and captivating lyrics telling listeners to get "down for the ride" and make some magic. Esparza pulls this track together in a way no one else could and lets people know that it's time to dance our hearts out.

There are some songs that make you feel powerful, and "Are You Down" by Elia Esparza is definitely one of them. The inclusion of the bass makes listeners get pumped up to the refreshing melody and entices people to feel empowered on the dance floor. Aimed towards the moments of meeting strangers in clubs or falling in love only for the night, this single speaks on living in the moment and not letting anything hold us back from being passionate. Esparza electrifies us with her seductive vocals, lingering in our ears with lyrics like, "only promise I'll make to you tonight/is that you'll think of me for the rest of your life"--which, after listening to this new release, I doubt listeners can deny.

Elia Esparza is a Latina pop-soul singer/songwriter originally from El Paso, Texas but currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. She's trained vocally since she was 15 years old, shown through her powerful vocals and dynamic energy, and was featured on The Voice in 2016, gaining many fans. Pairing her adventurous side with her romantic lyrics, Esparza establishes herself as a talented musician with her stunning performances and singles.

Written by Jane Katryn



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