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  • Rosalyn Sanchez

Review: "At Night" - Jorja B

Jorja B At Night Cover Art

There’s a sort of barrier that many of us put around our sensitive hearts when it comes to the raw sentiments we feel when we find ourselves tangled in a messy situationship. We keep these protective barriers up, coddling our hearts, and guarding our true feelings to save ourselves from the inevitable crash we will soon face once we fall. However, doing this only seems to confuse us further, unable to set aside these boundaries we construct, leading us to block out even the purest forms of love where we find ourselves infatuated with others. Yet, we ultimately let them go due to the harsh torment our hearts have endured, all to keep ourselves safe from the hurt that will eventually crash down on our vulnerable hearts. “At Night” by Jorja B is a song that depicts a similar situation in the form of resounding lyrics that gouge at our hearts in the rawest form of exposure and realism. Jorja doesn’t hesitate to take her listeners to another realm, a realm that takes her listeners to a realm of true emotions, her lyric “break the fall before I crash” tells us, again, that she is saving herself from the disasters that can lead up after opening up her heart and giving into her vulnerable emotions.

The song dives straight into a storyline that takes its listeners to a reverie that depicts such a harrowing situation perfectly. The emotive sound that is Jorja’s voice carefully leads up to a scene of heartache and confusion, battling with the emotions our heart feels and the innate ways we’ve learned to cope with such vulnerability, creating barriers to keep others out and stay away from something as intimidating as commitment. Despite the lyrics being so elaborate and passionate, the sound is rather uplifting– percolating that sense of a summer pop alternative song that others will be able to listen to so casually without thinking about how deep the lyrics go, touching the hearts of those who care to listen and resonate with such effective lyrics that drive vehement emotions. This song touches those who have dealt with similar emotions– those who have been involved in confusing friendships that only lead to situationships. Yet, it is also the perfect song for listeners to rock their heads to, appreciating the dynamic sounds of the electric guitar that strides perfectly against Jorja’s mellifluous voice.

Jorja B, the talented artist behind such an excellent song, is a singer and songwriter from Australia who resonates most with sounds like pop, pop rock, and indie. “At Night” was released just a few weeks ago on June 24, 2024! This is Jorja’s fifth single she has released since she announced she will be releasing singles every month for this year! In February, she released a track titled “Swim”, and in March she released a track called “Faked it”, and again, in April and May she released tracks titled “Pictures” and “Tried to” all following up to her most recent single “At Night” for the month of June! She keeps her loyal listeners and supporters updated on social media platforms like Instagram, providing them with a more intimate look into her relationship with writing and making music! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the tracks she has planned for the remainder of 2024, keep up with her music, and continue to support Jorja by following her socials! 

Written By Rosalyn Sanchez



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