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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Atom Bomb" - Boy In Space

Given the stratospheric imagery of Robin Lundbäck's moniker, Boy In Space, it's fitting that his latest single sounds as though he's floating through zero gravity. "Atom Bomb" reckons with life and relationships as forces of intense power, whether that be destructive or simply awe-striking. Production touches, such as brief incorporations of vocoder and blurring echoes to the instrumentation, create the sense that we're receiving the starry single as a transmission from an orbiting shuttle. The first half levitates without any drums to ground the rhythm. Once the thumping kicks set in, however, they land like a pounding heart. Breaking out into dreamy dance-pop in the last minute, "Atom Bomb" positions these powerful experiences as all-encompassing journeys rather than crushing voids.

"Put my thoughts in a folder, bury them 'til I'm dead and gone," Lundbäck sings on the chorus. He deflates the secrecy's implied significance immediately, though: "don't read them out, they're way too dumb." This is the complex tightrope Boy In Space treads on "Atom Bomb," navigating what it means for something seemingly formless to feel catastrophic in scale. "21 when I told her love's like an atom bomb," he admits. At first, the age might seem like an unimportant detail, but it's the very fact that Lundbäck as a narrator is considering his own maturity in relation to his experience that is so integral. Will the feelings change in retrospect? Does that diminish the fact that they were powerful in the moment?

Achieving international success at a very young age, leading to an international tour with his brothers, Robin Lundbäck transitioned to his solo project, Boy In Space, in 2018. He immediately proved that his vision for pop music resonated with millions globally. Racking up over half of a billion streams on Spotify alone, Boy In Space has consistently released music while maintaining his artistic independence. "Atom Bomb" was co-written by longtime collaborator Freddy Alexander. Despite only releasing three months after his previous single, "Atom Bomb" begins a "relaunch" of the Boy In Space project. With it, the Swedish-born pop artist starts a new chapter, gearing up for even more music to come in 2024.

Written By Andy M.

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