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  • Troy J Sica

Review: "August Skies (feat. Holly Brooke)" - Fearn

If you need a new song to listen to and vibe with during the month of August, "August Skies (feat. Holly Brooke) by Fearn should definitely be added to your next shuffle. Accompanying the beautiful and petite lyrics and melodic passages were these amazing synths, electronic music and cinematic sounds that captivated the listener. If you were to close your eyes it truly feels like you are laying down on a hill staring at the beautiful 'August Skies!'

"August Skies (feat. Holly Brooke) by Fearn, truly makes the listener picture the song in their mind. On top of the beautifully written lyrics, throughout the song it has these cinematic synths, electronic music and a few bird chirps that help create this movie-like-scene in the audience's mind, where they are watching the protagonist lay down on a hill staring at the 'August Skies,' specifically the sun, painting the sky with its golden stripes mixed with violet, pink and red.

Fearn, also known as Will Taylor, is a Surrey, UK, based producer. His name 'Fearn,' is taken from the Gaelic word meaning: 'Alder tree,' and was chosen because of the association of this tree with its strength, compassion, and generosity. For his new song, "August Skies," he collaborated with a singer and songwriter from Cumbria, Holly Brooke. Exploring nature and the great outdoors is a huge part of their writing-process and if you are interested to hear more of their music and follow their journey be sure to follow both of their socials down below!

Written By Troy Sica




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