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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Fire Alive" - Essy

Keeping your passions aflame and glowing isn’t always an easy thing to do, but it’s always worth it in the end. Essy’s latest single “Fire Alive” is all about feeding the fire and maintaining its heat. Everyone’s definitely had that feeling before, of deflating and shrinking and being smothered, but “Fire Alive” wants to remind you that, no matter what, time is going to pass and everything will be alright– so just keep that fire inside you alive and burning and hot, since it’s all going to work out in the end. The track is a fiery mix of crystalline vocals and energetic synthpop with lyrics that twist and turn and mold the song into an encouraging melody that makes you feel bolstered and excited to live.

If you're like me and synthpop is totally your thing, then “Fire Alive” is going to be right up your alley. The entire track is infused with super upbeat synth and an underlying rhythmic percussion that keeps the energy flowing the whole runtime; there really isn’t a moment in the song where the spirit dies off. The vigor remains no matter what– it's all fun, engaging pop with contemplative lyrics that keep you thinking as you sing and dance along. Essy's storytelling skills are phenomenal, and as you listen to the lyrics, you're drawn into each verse as if they were a portrait of someone's life, illustrated in vivid and elucidating detail. While the track describes struggles in life and love, and the feeling of passionate flames beginning to sputter, the chorus nevertheless always comes along to say: “Even if you’re broken hearted / Even if your legs won’t dance tonight / I’ll show you how to love somebody / Come on, baby, keep that fire alive.” “Fire Alive” is a comforting reminder that you’re better off than how you were before, and that it’s important to keep that spark in your life blitzing and blazing in your heart.

Essy, AKA Rachel Braig, is a singer-songwriter who began her musical journey at age eleven, when she taught herself how to play piano and wrote her own songs. At fifteen, she was accepted into NYU’s Steinhardt summer program, learning from industry veterans Barry Eastmond and Maia Sharpe. Since then, she’s written alongside writers such as Johnluke Lewis, Jintae Ko, Daniel Agee, Mike Pappas, and even more; but eventually her prolific pen went to her own projects in 2019, as she released her debut EP “Second Thoughts” in May 2020. Her solo debut was released just a year before that, entitled “Pulse”. Essy works best in a self-proclaimed “happy-sad” mode, which brings forth her clean style and thoughtful lyrics that will leave you full of emotion and wanting to dance at the same time. “Fire Alive” is currently her latest single, so if you enjoyed it consider following her to keep track of her next releases!

Written By Alexa Leung



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