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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Autopilot" - Chris de Sarandy

Upon my first listen of "Autopilot" by Chris de Sarandy, my thought was that the strong vocals and authentic lyricism reminded me of Ed Sheeran. In this track, de Sarandy takes us through the experience of and emotions surrounding a fading relationship. The production is simple, emphasizing the lyrics and vocals, as he sings about staying in a relationship that you know is over. If you have ever stayed in a relationship past what felt right or watched one inevitability fade, the lyrics of this track will resonate with you. De Sarandy describes staying in this relationship as though you are operating on "autopilot."

Sometimes, even though we know we should leave someone, we stay. We remain and witness the relationship fade. We let it go down in flames. We are not brave enough to walk away. Here, de Sarandy captures this experience between soulful vocals and pop melodies. He sings about feeling "disconnected, rejected, neglected" and "stable yet so hateful." These easy rhymes turn the vulnerable lyrics into a catchy, electroacoustic bedroom pop song that one can enjoy. The infectious chorus features the lyrics "Round and around til it comes crashing down / We won't survive it / We're on autopilot." This encapsulates the never-going-anywhere, carouselesque essence of the relationship.

Chris de Sarandy is a Berlin-based artist from South West England that has moved from an indie band to crafting his sound in pop music. "Autopilot" comes as a song off his 10-track EP, "Know Your Worth," that released on May 12, 2023. In this EP, de Sarandy talks about moving, relationships, and the painful loss of a close friend to suicide. His strength in music is his honesty and relatability in lyrics and emotion in vocals. He aims to the kind of artist that listeners can understand and connect with. If you're a fan of artists like Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, or if you just want to listen to a song that will make you feel relatability, listen to "Autopilot" and the rest of his "Know Your Worth" EP.




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