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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Babe" - Jake Huffman

Jake Huffman’s “Babe” is an indie-pop/rock song up for interpretation. This feel-good song lets the music do the talking, and it's thematically left open to the eye of the beholder. If you want to hype up a pregame, blast it at a party. If you’re getting over a breakup, scream it in your car. If you just want a catchy song to listen to on repeat that you can feel in your soul, here it is. Jake’s creative approach to “Babe” was not wanting to cloud the energy of the song by his audience over-thinking the lyrics or trying to decipher the deeper meaning. The song is to be interpreted in any way each individual needs. He believes surface level situations can actually become more significant overtime than one’s with one designated emotion or meaning. “Babe” is a song created by chasing that feeling of letting the energy inspire you, and not the other way around. Jake Huffman proclaims the more he listens, the more nuance he finds than originally intended. Sit back, turn the volume up to 10, and let “Babe” take you anywhere you need to go.

“Babe” is Huffman’s latest single that was created when he was going down a rabbit hole of self-expression and innovation, and he was exploring a combination of indie pop/rock/funk songs. The music physically charges you up while listening. Jake shared, “Something about the bass lines and the hard hitting syncopation really hit the spot. I wanted to capture that vibe and put my own spin on the genre. What's cool and different about this track is how haunted and dark it feels. I think I captured an 80s sci-fi horror mixed into a twisted fantasy like day dream,” and that is the perfect way to capture the energy of this song. “Babe” is a true amalgamation of Jake Huffman’s vast experience and musical influences.

Connecticut born and raised indie pop rock artist Jake Huffman creates a euphoric realm through his craft. He aims to bring his exhilarating energy to a global audience. Jake is a multi-instrumentalist who takes inspiration from nearly every genre of music. He was previously known for his lead vocalist/drummer role in the viral rock band, McLovins, before rediscovering his sound as a solo artist. On his own, Huffman returned to the world of music with a completely unique arsenal of music. Jake writes, performs, and produces all of his music himself, and his handwork and talent continues to bleed into everything he touches. Follow Jake Huffman below, and let him know how you interpret his newest feel-good single, “Babe”, and checkout his expansive collection of music!

Written By Grace Chapman



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