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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Baby Mine" - Ben Freeman

“Baby Mine” is a retro-inspired r&b single that captures the complex feelings of longing and frustration that can derive from long-distance relationships. Strong-willed and supported love can withstand distance, but the physical distance can lead to doubt and worry from said loving couple. That solid foundation that once existed can be shaken by the miles between you two and you are left craving the physical intimacy you once shared. The space between leaves you vulnerable, and you two feel consumed by this emptiness. A lack of immediate confirmation of your feelings leads to emotional disarray, and reconciliation and healing seem impossible. Over the months, weeks, minutes, seconds apart, the love you both held so tenderly seemingly crumbles. You dream of reaching them again, but the walls they built up due to the struggling seem impenetrable. In the end, they will open back up and reach you once again and that love you held will be repaired through understanding and communication.

“Baby Mine” is a synth-pop alternative anthem that expertly intertwines a nostalgic mood with modern feelings. One can imagine hearing this song play during an early 90s mall-trip, domino-patterned wall tiles and hairspray styled hair optional. Every chime and ambient-air synth beat really culminates into a unique experience alongside Freeman’s engaging vocal performance. Each new note feels like a breath of fresh air as he explores the complex emotions of the lyrics. The more somber feelings come from the actual lyrical artistry, while the upbeat nostalgic melody is reminiscent of the nuanced feelings. The nostalgic nature here truly encapsulates the nostalgic feelings that can arise from long-distance relationships. Everything culminates together into a unique artistic and emotional musical experience.

Ben Freeman is a singer-songwriter and producer based in Brooklyn, New York. Freeman has had a long history within the musical scene and is well-known for his musical and spiritual escapades. For two years, he sang within a gospel choir in Madrid, Spain which helped to better expand his musical and vocal abilities. He currently works as an artist within a Synagogue, and has incorporated his spiritual expertise and focus into his craft. He has released albums and singles, both accumulating positive receptions from audiences. He has maintained a positive image in the music industry with the events he organizes and participates through his work as a ritual leader. Make sure to follow him on social media and give “Baby Mine” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray


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