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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "BACKDOOR" - ORI

I occasionally talk to myself out loud, both consciously and unconsciously. Having your inner dialogue stay inside your head is overrated as far as I'm concerned. I usually do it to increase my concentration and work through various daily problems. But lately, I've been talking to myself for pure entertainment. For the last week and a half, I've been saying, at random, in a robotic voice: "I can see you crawling through my backdoor / I don't want it all " because of ORI's "BACKDOOR". The song's stuck in my head, and I love it.

"BACKDOOR" is the party groove pop that puts any listener in a good mood while simultaneously in the mood as well. But the idea conveyed isn't to ooze sexuality as much as it is to be comfortable and have fun with it. The song opens with the robotic lyrics I've come to remember so well before shifting to a funky rhythm thanks to the bassline. ORI's breathy, bright vocals complement the overall sentiment of the song. while lyrics like "it's gonna be an avocado extravaganza" keep it silly and lighthearted. It's a great reminder that the bedroom does not have to be this well-thought-out production - it can be goofy and still all the more enjoyable. On top of listening to "BACKDOOR", the music video is also well worth the watch if not for the gimp suits, then at least for the nostalgia of the tech deck fingerboards seen ridden across a silicone chest.

Native New Yorker, ORI, is so down to earth. She's fun and untethered to conventionality, and her music reflects this. Earlier singles like "Homeless Guy", "OmO", "Come Ova", and "Trance" showcase her ability to expertly experiment with sounds that are rarely combined while highlighting her vocation for being goofy. And I heard the artist likes the thought of performing in smaller, intimate settings, too. So let this be my suggestion and plea: ORI, I beg you, please let your next live performance of "BACKDOOR" be in one of those blackout - sensory deprivation - clubs with guys in gimp suits dancing amongst the audience members. But most importantly, please don't forget to invite me! I'll bring the tech decks.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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