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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Band-Aid" - Felicia Lu

Sometimes we know something’s over before it’s over. With a relationship, we can see the signs of it fading, the recognition of love falling before our eyes before it settles into the realization that we can’t go back to how it was. With “Band-Aid” Felicia Lu talks about the pain of a passing relationship and how we can see the cracks deepening with no way to hold it together. The only thing left to do is to rip off the band-aid and let it fall apart—because as painful as it seems, in these times, both people should get it done and over with; there is no need to prolong the pain.

"Band-Aid" holds a triumphant feeling, the climax of an adventure in the song’s peak that only bolsters the courageous meaning Lu pushes through the lyrics. She sings with a fire in her vocals, with no confusion or wants in her words as she says, “Some things you cannot go back to/No matter how hard you try”. She’s accepted the pain of ripping off the band-aid, knowing that “Once broken you can’t undo/All the cracks created by your lies”. A slight, reminiscent tone still lingers even though she imbues this confident passion in this track, “Band-Aid”. She states, “I miss the girl I once knew/Look in the mirror and see someone new”, but it also shows her feelings towards the new her she’s become because of everything that’s hurt her. She’s growing from the ashes of this situation and doing what’s best for her.

Felicia Lu is a talented singer/songwriter that started in Germany but is now based in Vienna, Austria. She loves to write and perform her music, sharing her vision precisely as she wants to by herself—creating her reputation as an all-around talent and artist. She designs her songs and dances and finds a home within the creativity of it all. She has millions of views on her music and has had her music played on multiple radio stations. She started releasing her music back in 2015, her debut single titled “Lost at Night” and since then has made a multitude of music, releasing two EPs and many singles, each as captivating as the next.

Written by Jane Katryn



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