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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Bang! Bang!" - Only Bricks

I think we all have heard of the Big Bang Theory; and no I'm not talking about the awesome sitcom. I'm talking about the actually scientific theory that our universe was created by a giant explosion that continues to expand indefinitely. Somehow this moment in space and time is why we are here today. I think this is something we don't often sit down and think about, mainly because it's hard for our brains to process, but life is an incredible and magical thing. We are all made up of atoms and molecules that allow us to walk the earth and experience life and love. "Bang! Bang!" by Only Bricks has a play on words by comparing being in love with the science of the universe. When you've got strong feelings for someone, it literally feels like all the stars have aligned.

"Bang! Bang!" is an incredibly catchy hyper-pop influenced sound that will 100% have you on your feet and dancing. The song starts with a soft dynamic that slowly builds throughout the song, a genius and subtle detail that makes the song literally sound like the expansion of the universe. Lead vocalist Anne DiGiovanni guides her voice through the same dynamics, starting soft and then giving us life with her incredibly smooth and strong vocals in the hook of the song. The chorus is heavily electro-pop in it's beat and features galactic synths that send you off into a ethereal experience. If you close your eyes, you could put yourself into the scene of a rave concert where all you can see is lasers and strobe lights flying in the air and surrounding you are people dancing like no one is watching. Let's just say the production on this song is out of this world.

Only Bricks is an indie-pop duo project by the two love birds, Anne DiGiovanni and Joseph Lewczak. Inspired by the lyrics in The Vamps song, "Risk It All", they came up with their band name - " For you I’d risk it all / I’d rather crash, I’d rather crawl / then never have your love at all / with only bricks to break my fall ". After getting married in 2017, Anne and Joseph used their chemistry together to combine their musical talents and released their first EP, Foundation, in 2018. Since then, they've released several more singles and they, literally, started out 2023 with a bang with their first single of the year, "Bang! Bang!". If you like this song, I'd also suggest checking out there other most recent songs, "Contact High" and "Smile, It's Over :)", both in which also give off fantastic energy and electro-pop rock tones.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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