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  • Jordan Elliott

Review: "Before You're Gone" - Henry Michael

Before You're Gone is the debut single from singer/songwriter, Henry Michael. This track showcases Michael's pure raw emotion as he sings about nearing the end of a relationship with someone with whom he is still trying to ignite a spark. The opening verse shows Michael hoping things could change when he exclaims, "Longing stares through a stained champagne glass/They said these feelings, oh, that they'd pass/But they're wrong." The chorus sees Michael racing against time to save his relationship and he says, "Running out of breath/Just to catch you/Before you're gone." In the second verse, the singer starts to seek out other options to no avail and sings, "I went out looking for someone else like you/But I found nothing more than an empty table built for two." Some of these cutthroat lines had me reaching for the tissue box.

On Before You're Gone, Henry Michael incorporates a melancholic pop approach to compliment his heart-wrenching lyricism. The instrumental is mostly led by a sorrowful piano melody juxtaposed with a lighthearted acoustic guitar. I felt that using these two instruments was comparable to how Michael describes how his relationship is actually going versus how he wishes it would go. On top of all of this, I feel like I heard some bongos in the middle of the song which gives this a unique feel compared to every other sad pop song you hear. However, this song would be a shell of itself if it weren't for Henry Michael's hypnotic voice. He effortlessly portrayed passion with his deeper voice which reminded me of Sam Smith, Lewis Capaldi, and SoMo. There is truly an authenticity about his sound that will hypnotize every listener.

Though Henry Michael grew up in the heart of New York City, he is currently spending his time in Cambridge, Massachusetts as a graduate student at Harvard. I know what you're thinking... smart, cultured, AND a musician? Does he juggle too? Probably so. Even though this is his first official single, Michael has loved music for his entire life and on top of singing, has mastered piano, guitar, and trumpet. According to Michael, he is attempting to "create unique worlds through vivid lyrical illustration" with his music. Some of his biggest inspirations are Taylor Swift, Noah Kahan, and Beyoncé. I believe you can truly hear all of these artists through both Michael's sound and his writing. Henry Michael isn't stopping with Before You're Gone... he's planning on dropping some more bangers this summer. Make sure to check him out on all platforms for more information.

Written by Jordan Elliott



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