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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Great Nothing" - Eden Rain

It's tough saying goodbye to those "what could've been" thoughts when you find a relationship not working out exactly how you thought it would. So instead of it becoming something great, it's now a Great Nothing. Written about what Eden Rain describes as a "frienduationship", "Great Nothing" is about when a friendship starts feeling more like romance, but then you come to find that they don't quite feel the same. Now that they know how you feel, there's tension and awkwardness that is embarrassing and irreversible. So not only are you heartbroken, you also lost someone you thought was a great friend.

Produced and co-written by halfrhymes, a great friend of Eden Rain, together they created this dark and tense, yet stunning track. The purely indie-pop single has a pulsing rhythm and a melody that sits on an A note. The whole entire song you can hear this constant A note in the background, every chord and every vocal perfectly blends in. It creates this angsty ambience and groove that engraves itself into your head. On top of that, you have Eden's rich tone to really solidify the emotion behind the song. The sound has an edge to it that really makes it a standout track.

Eden Rain is an indie-pop artist from Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The stunning curly redhead has had her passion for music ever since she was a little girl, singing with her family on car rides and creating mixed tapes together. When she was 13, she participated in a talent show, singing Carole King's "You've Got A Friend" which only inflamed her love for singing and performing. Eden officially kicked off her music career in 2021 with her debut single, "Wake Up, You're Stuck". Since then, in just these past few years, she's managed to release 14 more singles and 2 EPs, including this newest track, "Great Nothing". She had her breakthrough in 2021 with her fifth single, "Sugar Baby" which has gained hundreds of thousands of streams. If you enjoyed "Great Nothing", Make sure to check out Eden's other most recent single, "Closer".

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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