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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Best Before" - Sivilian

We’re often met with overwhelming surrealism when comparing our present self with our younger counterpart. Encountering memories of our past can feel intensely bittersweet. Sivilian’s new single, “Best Before” perfectly communicates this idea of confronting your past self and pondering your growth as a human being. “Best Before” was written in Sivilian’s childhood bedroom, as he reflected on his youth after quitting his career in the advertising industry. Sivilian incorporates deep emotion contrasted by humor and sarcasm to offer a realistic and semi-lighthearted reaction to growth and aging. For instance, the single pokes fun at the first twinges of back pain and the small victory of still being asked for your identification card at the grocery store. Yet lyrics such as, “Coming of age sounds better than growing old”, bring back the underlying fear of fleeting time and wasted opportunity. Sivilian’s new single, “Best Before” combines the profuse emotions of self-reflection, slight comedic lyricism, playful instrumentation and passionate vocals to create an infectious indie-pop anthem.

Soft yet intricate guitar strumming and heartwarming synths introduce “Best Before”. Sivilian’s soothing voice and subtle rasp makes the perfect sound for the indie-pop genre. The single’s thrilling chorus contains powerful vocals and moving instrumentation. The infectious rhythm and lyrics urge audiences to sing along. The song’s dreamy bridge is full of ethereal background vocalizations and divine synth noise. Sivilian’s wide vocal range is present throughout the tune, with beautiful high-pitched harmonies and powerful belts. “Best Before” merges energetic instrumentation and heartfelt singing, creating a touching coming of age anthem.

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Sivilian is a multi-creative storyteller, who utilizes the platforms of singing, songwriting, photography and filmmaking to create impactful and emotional art. His stage name, Sivilian, is a combination of his birth name, Adrian, and the name of his sister, Silvia, who gave him the impulse to start a pop project. Growing up in Bernese Oberland, many of his early projects stemmed from boredom. Sivilian’s debut single, “Invisible to Automatic Doors” was released in 2020 and was later made the title track of his first EP. This EP features five infectious tracks, most notably, “Fragile” and “Dead Inside” which has accumulated over 61k streams on Spotify alone. His 2021 single, “Last Waltz” reached over 35k streams and was later remixed in 2022 by Melouie, a Berlin based electronic music artist. Sivilian shot the music video for his song, “Boredom Paradise” in just 24 hours in a studio and hotel room, completely by himself. Likewise, he created an award-winning video series titled, “A Guide to the Apocalypse”. He is currently a finalist on the second season of “Sing it Your Way”, a Swiss talent show. Sivilian’s many talents truly set him apart as a gifted artist and storyteller, with the potential for limitless opportunity in the music and film industry.

Written By Julia Hooper



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